Upgrading from the LWR

Pulsar was born out of the poorly named LWR developed for the Galaxy-P project. This section outlines broadly how to upgrade from an LWR server to a Pulsar one.

The tentative plan is to allow Galaxy to support both targets for sometime - but at some point LWR servers should be upgraded to the Pulsar servers.

Rough plan:

  • Download/clone Pulsar.
  • Rebuild dependencies (and/or virtualenv) if needed.
  • Copy the LWR’s server.ini to Pulsar’s root directory.
  • Update app_factory property: paste.app_factory = pulsar.web.wsgi:app_factory
  • Rename private_key property in server.ini to private_token.
  • Replace logging section with new pulsar logging section from server.ini.sample.
  • If you were using the default values for persistence_directory and staging_directory you may wish to update those to the new defaults as well.

On Galaxy client side:

  • Open job_conf.xml and replace all LWR plugin definitions (galaxy.jobs.runners.lwr:LwrJobRunner) with Pulsar ones (galaxy.jobs.runners.pulsar:PulsarLegacyJobRunner).
  • This plugin should behave largely like the LWR one but a few attributes param ids are different. The plugin param url has changed to amqp_url and the destination param remote_lwr_directory has become remote_pulsar_directory.